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Air energy water heater
Product characteristics

The motor has small calorific value and long service life.

The outdoor machine adopts large diameter fan blades and streamlined design, avoiding eddy current generation, reducing wind resistance, large air volume and low noise; it can achieve larger air volume at lower speed, reduce motor power consumption and improve the efficiency of the whole machine.

Water safety and health

The water temperature is always between 40 and 55 degrees C.

There are few bacteria and no potential burns. It is both healthy and safe.

The water temperature of ordinary gas water heater and electric water heater is not easy to control, and the temperature of effluent is sometimes higher, especially when the family has elderly people and children, there is a risk of scalding.

Special compressor for heat pump, excellent quality, stable and reliable operation

CLBST Air Energy Water Heater always adheres to the principle of high quality. compressor, the core component, uses the special compressor for heat pump of internationally renowned brands to ensure the wide range of operation of products.The compressor can work steadily and reliably both in the cold season of - 8 C and in the high temperature climate of 46 C.

The main machine has high power design, heating upgrade, fast heat production, water production

The main engine of CLBST air energy water heater is designed with high power. The heating capacity of 150L/200L water tank main engine is 1.5HP, and the rated water output is 75L/h.It is 10L/h more than the conventional model, and the increase rate is 13.3%.

Upgraded heat preservation performance, better heat preservation effect and better power saving

Using high density and thickened polyurethane foam insulation material, the insulation layer thickness of ordinary air water heater is 40 mm, the insulation layer thickness of CLBST air water heater is 50 mm, the insulation effect is effectively increased by 25%, the heat loss is effectively reduced, and the most comfortable temperature is maintained.Environmental protection polyurethane foam super thick insulation layer, low temperature drop;Low temperature ascending laminar flow water injection has little fluctuation of water temperature.

Separation of water and electricity, safe and assured

CLBST Air Energy Water and Electricity Safety Separation Technology

Air energy technology is used to make hot water. Heat transfer is realized by refrigerant and heat exchanger, so that water and electricity can be separated safely.

Enamel Inner Gallbladder Technology

Using high quality enamel steel plate and imported enamel powder, using German enamel technology, after sintering at high temperature above 800 C, the inner liner of enamel was formed by complex physical and chemical changes.800,000 life impact tests, 500 hours salt spray test, with good impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature and other characteristics, so that you can enjoy comfortable hot water.

Special protection magnesium bar technology

Compared with the conventional cast magnesium rod, the extruded magnesium rod has smooth initial surface area, good compactness, slow consumption, anti-corrosion and scale removal, and can protect the inner liner for a longer time