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Multi-connected air conditioner (heat pump) unit
Product characteristics

The DC frequency conversion-CLV series adopt the internationally renowned brand of high-efficient all-DC high-pressure cavity compressor and asymmetric scroll design to efficiently separate internal oil. Enhanced vapor injection enables greater cooling and heating performance under extreme operating conditions. The compressor is more energy efficient and the system is more stable and reliable.

Energy saving and environmental protection technology -

CLBST air conditioners have created the CLV series with superior energy efficiency through excellent system design. IPLV (C) can reach up to 9.6, far exceeding the national level of energy efficiency, far ahead of other products. CLV series central air conditioner adopts R410A environmental protection refrigerant, which does not damage the earth's ozone layer. At the same time, all materials meet the requirements of the EU environmental protection standard RoHS standard, which helps the global environmental protection and provides healthy and comfortable enjoyment.

Ultra-low temperature technology -

When the ambient temperature reaches the limit condition, the heat exchange capacity of the outdoor unit decreases, the return air volume of the compressor decreases, and the suction and exhaust of the compressor are affected. CLV multi-line solves the problem of low-temperature heating by adopting high-efficiency enhanced vapor injection system, with newly designed inverter control technology and refrigerant system design technology.

Non-stop defrosting technology -

The CLBST defrosting technology uses the Non-Stop method, which does not require switching to the cooling mode during winter. The temperature indoor does not fluctuate noticeably. System performance is more stable and the noise is lower

Adaptive Smart Defrost Technology -

The system can accurately determine the defrost time according to the unit running time, the pressure of compressor suction and exhaust, outdoor ambient temperature, the temperature of outdoor side heat exchanger coil and the defrost data from last time, and shorten the defrost time to 3-5 minutes. It defrosts when there is frost, and heats when there is no frost to ensure the optimal heating capacity and high energy efficiency ratio of the unit.

Anti-bottom frosting design during heating -

It adopts a unique heating and anti-bottom frosting design to ensure that the ice-water mixture at the bottom of the unit is completely drained during defrosting in winter, thus the heating capacity of the unit will not be affected.

Heat exchanger self-cleaning technology -

In the event of a blizzard, the outdoor unit can automatically activate the outdoor fan motor through a dedicated snow sensor to prevent the unit from being covered by snow. When the outdoor unit is shut down, the unit can use the DC fan reverse running technology to clean the heat exchanger to improve the heat exchange efficiency and the service duration of the outdoor heat exchanger.

Wide operating range, small fluctuations in room temperature -

It contains high-end technology refrigeration system, and adopts enhanced vapor injection technology, DC frequency conversion technology and refrigerant control technology. The whole machine undergoes strict system matching and testing, and the cooling and heating capacity is strong. Whether it is cold at -25 °C or hot summer at up to 54 °C, it can run stably and reliably.

CLV series adopts all-round noise reduction technology, spiral airflow fan blade, smooth air suction structure, lower airflow noise, supplemented by compressor sound insulation design, achieving ultra-quiet operation and creating high-quality comfort environment.

Reliability Design Technology -

Multi-electronic expansion valve control technology, refrigerant pressure accurate detection technology, pipeline abnormal protection, control board SMT surface sealing technology, anti-backwind protection, lightning protection, compressor internal oil separation technology, intelligent oil distribution circuit design, large capacity Oil separation technology, motherboard intelligent oil return control technology, structural design of resistance gas-liquid separator, oil pipe design.

CLBST air-conditioning provides users with professional air-conditioning system solutions with its exquisite and excellent product technology. The unit design is free, the installation is simple and convenient, and we are fully committed to providing customers with satisfactory services.