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Household heat pump
Product characteristics

Ultra-low temperature technology, wide temperature zone operation -

5~25°C chilled water is provided in summer and 25~60°C hot water heating in winter. It can realize floor radiant heating, heat sink heating and fan coil heating.

Stable and reliable system security technology

Floor heating test protection -

For the first-time installation of floor heating, the system has a built-in special temperature rise control program to ensure a smooth temperature rise during the floor heating operation, avoiding the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the excessive temperature rise of the ground, which can cause the floor to burn or expand and crack.

Water system safety protection -

The built-in multiple water system protection function provides diagnostic protection against possible abnormal conditions in the waterway system. When the water flow is abnormal, the water temperature is abnormal, the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water is abnormal, and the temperature difference is too large or too small, the system can diagnose and operate the protection in time.

Water system protection -

The closed water system sets the automatic anti-adhesion control function, which effectively prevents the water pump, three-way valve or other waterway components from being affected by impurities in the water and long-term operation, ensuring reliable operation for a long time.

Unit frost protection -

The built-in anti-freeze program can intelligently identify the unit when the unit is not operating for a long time, and activate the corresponding automatic protection to prevent the internal water flow from freezing and causing damage.

Intelligent temperature control provides a lifestyle with high quality

Intelligent water temperature control,

precise control at room temperature.

comfortable Radiant floor heating